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Daisy Pearl Dangle Earrings

Daisy Pearl Dangle Earrings

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Height about 32mm.
The pearl is approximately 13mm wide and 7-8mm thick.

Metal: S925 Silver Plated With 18K Gold
Gemstone: Natural Pearls 

Fresh as a daisy, gorgeous as a pearl. These daisy pearl dangle earrings are a perfect blend of freshness and elegance, exuding a charming natural flavor.
The earrings are made of high-quality silver, which is superbly polished to present a soft luster. The pearls are carefully selected from the finest quality, round and smooth, giving off a unique pearly luster.
The upper part of the earrings is in the shape of a delicate daisy flower with vivid petals, as if it is about to blossom at any time with a fresh fragrance. The lower part is embellished with a pearl, which complements the flower and adds a sense of elegance and splendor. The overall design is simple yet ornate, making it suitable for all occasions.
These earrings are not only unique in design, but also very versatile. Matching with fresh summer clothes, they show a fresh and natural temperament; matching with formal business attire, they show a competent and elegant temperament; matching with evening dresses, they are more elegant and gorgeous. Whether for daily wear or important occasions, these earrings can bring you a distinctive style.

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