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Zebra Feldspar Earrings E01119

Zebra Feldspar Earrings E01119

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Height about 28mm, Width about 28mm

Metal: S925 Silver 
Gemstone: Zebra Feldspar

These sterling silver speckled stone earrings combine the beauty of nature with jewelry design. Each speckled stone is unique, showing charming color spots and unique textures. The overall design of the earrings is simple and elegant, highlighting the beauty of the speckled stones. The exquisite craftsmanship makes each stone shine with unique light, adding a sense of mystery and elegance to the wearer.
The earrings are made of high quality sterling silver and speckled stones to ensure their high quality and long lasting durability. Sterling silver has a high degree of oxidation resistance and is not easily tarnished, ensuring that the earrings will look good for a long time. The use of speckled stones is the icing on the cake, as their unique color speckles give each stone a unique charm, showcasing the magical beauty of nature.

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