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Seashell Earrings E0526

Seashell Earrings E0526

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Height about 14mm, Width about 14mm

Metal: S925 Silver
Gemstone:  Mother Shell  

The design of these shell earrings is very special, compared with the traditional earrings, it has a great breakthrough in shape and material. The most striking thing is its shell inlay design. This natural shell luster is very attractive, which not only makes the whole earrings look more natural and fresh, but also exudes an air of lightness. The ear hooks are made of sterling silver, which ensures comfort and health when wearing them, and also adds to the noble feel of the whole earrings. These earrings are perfect for summer wear and can create a fresh and natural style when paired with a white shirt or dress. In addition, as a natural material, shells are a very meaningful accessory in line with the modern pursuit of environmental protection and sustainability. the business world. Wear this bracelet and you are sure to be the centre of attention.

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