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Wavy Textured Earrings E0995

Wavy Textured Earrings E0995

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Height about 27mm, Width about 16mm

Metal: S925 Silver Plated With 18K Gold

These sterling silver minimalist earrings are a stylish, individual piece of jewelry that features an ins-style design with clean, smooth lines that show off a unique aesthetic. Made of sterling silver with natural lapis lazuli inlay, the earrings are both textured and naturally beautiful. The asymmetrical design structure adds a touch of interest to the whole earrings, making them even more distinctive. These earrings are perfect for all occasions, whether you are wearing them everyday or for a special occasion, they will enhance your look. It has a simple yet sophisticated design that perfectly reflects the modern woman's quest for simplicity and individuality. Wearing these sterling silver simple earrings will give you a more elegant and confident look, and will also be able to add a few chic charms to your overall look.

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