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Freshwater Pearl Bracelet SL0091

Freshwater Pearl Bracelet SL0091

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Bracelet length approx. 19.5cm, non-adjustable .
Bracelet size can be adjusted.
Baroque pearls Size : Approx. 7mm.

Metal: S925 Silver Plated With 18K Gold
Gemstone: Natural Pearls 

The Baroque pearl bracelet unites the luxury and luster of pearls and the unique aesthetics of the Baroque period. Each pearl is a treasure of nature, bearing the baptism of time and displaying a unique texture and luster. Whether freshwater or South Sea pearls, they are the focal point of the bracelet with their unique light and texture. The Baroque Pearl Bracelet strings these precious gems together to create a visually stunning work of art.
Inspired by the magnificence and opulence of Baroque art, the Baroque Pearl Bracelet is a breathtakingly beautiful blend of modern fashion. The designer skillfully blends the shapes, sizes and colors of the pearls to create a richly layered bracelet style. Both the delicate inlay work and the ornate embellishments reflect the designer's homage to the Baroque period with a modern aesthetic twist.
Wearing a baroque pearl bracelet emphasizes elegance and charm. It is the highlight of a stylish look and adds color to the entire look, whether it is worn with a formal dress or a casual look. On important occasions, the baroque pearl bracelet becomes a sparkling focal point, exuding an air of nobility and confidence. And in everyday life, it is a unique fashion piece that showcases your keen sense of beauty and attention to detail.
Baroque pearl bracelet combines the luxury of material, the magnificence of design and the elegance of wearing, showing the perfect blend of gorgeousness and classicism. It is not just a bracelet, but a pursuit of art and beauty. Whether you love classic style or pursue fashion trends, the Baroque Pearl Bracelet will add a touch of splendor to your wrist. Under its magnificent light, you will become a timeless classic in the flow of time.

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