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Pearl Bracelets SL0073

Pearl Bracelets SL0073

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Bracelet length 15.5cm, adjustable length, 18.5cm after adjustment
Pearls Size : Approx. 5mm
Strawberry Crystals Size : Approx. 6mm

Metal: S925 Silver Plated With 18K Gold
Gemstone: Natural Pearls /  Strawberry Crystals

The Sterling Silver Pearl Bracelet features intertwined silver vines and natural gemstones to create a unique design that is full of style and sophistication. The intertwining of the silver rattan mats in the bracelet creates a dynamic and playful design that adds to the movement and spirit of the bracelet. The natural gemstones add color and texture to the bracelet, making it even more unique.
The design of the silver rattan brings a sense of sophistication and refinement to the bracelet. The intertwining of the silver of the rattan mammon resembles the twining of vines in nature, creating a unique and delicate aesthetic. The Vineman design in the bracelet shows off the luster and texture of the silver while adding a sense of style and layers to the bracelet.
The embellishment of natural gemstones adds to the brilliance of the bracelet. Different kinds of gemstones embellished on the bracelet make the bracelet present colorful colors. Blue sapphire, green emerald, red ruby and so on, each gemstone exudes its own unique light, adding a noble and mysterious to the bracelet.
The staggered and interrupted combinations of the bracelet show a dynamic and playful design style. The silver vineman and natural gemstone embellishments in the bracelet are irregularly combined to form a unique aesthetic. This design makes the bracelet more vivid and dynamic, allowing the wearer to show their unique personality.
This sterling silver pearl bracelet is not only a fashion accessory, but also a work of art experience. The intertwined silver vineman and natural gemstones show off the creativity and dedication of the designer. Every detail in the bracelet exudes a unique charm, allowing the wearer to feel the perfect combination of art and fashion.
To summarize, the Sterling Silver Pearl Bracelet combines intertwined silver rattan and natural gemstones to create a playful, high fashion look. The silver intertwining of the rattan brings a sense of sophistication and refinement, while the natural gemstones add color and texture. The staggered combination of the bracelets adds a touch of playfulness. This bracelet not only shows fashion and high class temperament, but also lets the wearer feel the wonderful fusion of art and fashion. Let's wear this sterling silver pearl bracelet to show the charm of dynamic and playful personality, and feel the perfect combination of fashion and high class. Let us exude confidence and beauty in the unique charm of the bracelet.

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