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Sterling Silver Pearl Bracelets SL0080

Sterling Silver Pearl Bracelets SL0080

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Bracelet length 16cm, adjustable length, 19cm after adjustment
Natural Pearls  Size : Approx. 5mm

Metal: S925 Silver Plated With 18K Gold
Gemstone: Natural Pearls 

The Sterling Silver Pearl Bracelet incorporates the "Kaworu Elemental Design", which combines a natural texture with a transparent drip glaze, like a long stream flowing through a mountain range. The oval running rings throughout the bracelet provide a distinctive aesthetic. The asymmetry of the design gives the bracelet a unique design that will make people fall in love with it.
The "Chuanliu" series of drip glazes is inspired by the flowing beauty of nature. The natural texture of the bracelet and the drip glaze design resemble the rivers and streams of nature, flowing endlessly. This design gives the bracelet a serene and mysterious beauty that makes you feel as if you are in the embrace of nature.
The oval running ring design in the sterling silver pearl bracelet adds a sense of movement and style to the entire bracelet. The oval running ring not only makes the bracelet more smooth and beautiful, but also adds a sense of modernity. It skillfully connects each pearl of the bracelet together to form an elegant and dynamic chain.
The asymmetrical design of the bracelet adds to the overall design. Asymmetrical design has gradually become a new trend in the fashion world in recent years, and it brings a different kind of beauty and personality. The asymmetrical design of the Sterling Silver Pearl Bracelet makes each pearl unique, radiating its own light, making the bracelet more charming and unique.
This sterling silver pearl bracelet not only showcases the beauty of the "Kaworu" drip glaze cool style design, but also brings a different emotional experience to the wearer. The "Chuanliu" element in the bracelet is designed as if it were a flow of art, allowing people to feel the charm of natural beauty. Wearing such a bracelet is not only a fashionable enjoyment, but also a kind of spiritual dialog with nature and the beauty of art.
Sterling silver pearl bracelet "Chuanliu" series drip glaze cold wind design, has become the new favorite of jewelry lovers. It combines the beauty of nature with the wisdom of modern design, making people fascinated by it. Whether as a fashion accessory or a precious gift, this bracelet has become the choice of people in pursuit of artistic beauty and individual charm.
To summarize, the Sterling Silver Pearl Bracelet incorporates the "Kaworu" series of drip-glaze cool designs to showcase the beauty of flowing art. The natural texture and transparent drip glaze is like a long stream between the mountains, and the oval running ring design adds a sense of movement and fashion. Asymmetrical design makes the bracelet more unique beauty. Sterling silver pearl bracelet has become the new darling of the jewelry world, let us wear this bracelet, feel the perfect combination of art and fashion. Let's immerse ourselves in the wonderful world of "Kaworu" series of drip glaze cool style design, feel the beauty of art and natural charm.

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