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Vintage Pearl Delicate Earrings with Court-style Design E01095-2

Vintage Pearl Delicate Earrings with Court-style Design E01095-2

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Height about 5mm 
Pearls Size : Approx. 5.5mm

Metal: S925 Silver Plated With 18K Gold
Gemstone: Natural Pearls 

These French court pearl earrings stand out with their unique diamond-shaped design, a perfect combination of elegance and splendor. The entire earrings show delicate openwork carvings, and every detail shows the designer's ingenuity. The diamond-shaped design gives the earrings a unique flavor, highlighting the elegance and charm of women. The pearl set in the center of the earrings adds a touch of nobility and elegance, exuding a light luster.
Pearls are one of the highlights of the earrings, and the choice of top quality natural pearls with warm color and natural luster adds a sense of luxury to the earrings. The main material of the earrings is high-quality white gold, which has the characteristics of strong durability, antioxidant, and not easy to change color, which ensures that the earrings can be worn for a long time.
Despite the gorgeous design of these pearl earrings, they are very comfortable to wear. The reasonable weight of the design makes the earrings not overburden the ears, and you will not feel uncomfortable when wearing them for a long time. The design of the earrings also takes into account the needs of different occasions. Whether it is for daily wear or important occasions, these pearl earrings can be perfectly matched to show the elegant and charming side of women.
These French court style pearl earrings show a perfect combination of elegance and magnificence with its unique diamond design and delicate openwork carving. High-quality materials and comfortable wearability make these earrings a perfect choice to show off your feminine charm.

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