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Dream Bead Earrings E0678

Dream Bead Earrings E0678

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Height about 16mm, Width about 14mm
Beads Size : Approx. 14mm

Metal: S925 Silver Plated With 18K Gold
Gemstone: Beads

The shell bead earrings are a simple and breath-taking piece of jewelry with a dangling design that fits well in the ear and reveals the femininity and elegance of a woman. The main highlight of these earrings are the large shellfish beads, which exude a warm luster and natural texture that evokes the magnificence of the sea and the beauty of life. While the shell bead earrings are not over the top, they do possess a strong vibe and personality that makes the wearer look more confident and independent. Just like the precious objects that have been embellished, shellfish earrings are works of art with a soul, revealing a unique aesthetic value through their details and materials.

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