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Button Earrings E0919

Button Earrings E0919

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Width: Approx. 13mm
Height : Approx. 20mm
Shell Pearl Size : Approx. 4mm

Metal: S925 Silver Plated With 18K Gold
Gemstone: Shell Pearl 

Each pair of earrings is made from a selection of natural shellfish beads, creating a unique piece of jewelry art.
The luster and texture of the beads are mesmerizing, while the button-like shape of the design adds style and character. Each bead is carefully selected for its color and texture, revealing the magic and beauty of nature.
We pay attention to craftsmanship, and each shell bead is skillfully embedded in the design of the earrings. Using exquisite techniques, artisans polish the smooth surface of the beads and skillfully secure them to the earrings, ensuring a comfortable fit and solid construction.
Suitable for all occasions, the button-shaped bead earrings provide a unique look and a bright spotlight for everyday casual wear or formal social occasions.
Wearing these bead earrings, you will feel the beauty of nature and the unique charm of beads. They are not only a type of jewelry, but also a way to express your personality and taste.
Let your ears shine with style and elegance by choosing bead earrings in the shape of a button. Let these exquisite jewels become a precious treasure in your jewelry box, a tribute to your beauty and uniqueness with every wear. Show off your personality and taste and let these bead earrings be the highlight of your perfect look.

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