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Mother of Pearl Earrings E0939

Mother of Pearl Earrings E0939

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Height about 40mm, Width about 20mm
Mother shell size : Approx. 20mm

Metal: S925 Silver Plated With 18K Gold
Gemstone: Mother Shell

Natural mother-of-pearl earrings, unique and charming. Our earrings are made from precious natural mother shells, each one a gift from nature. With its warm luster, variegated colors and unique textures, each pair of mother shell earrings is a unique work of art.
We take great care in crafting each mother-of-pearl jewelry piece. Artisans carefully select the most beautiful mother shells and polish them to perfection, revealing their elegance and texture. The earrings are delicately and meticulously designed to subtly present the natural beauty of mother shells.
Mother of pearl earrings are suitable for all occasions, whether for everyday wear or for special occasions, they add a unique touch to your look. Wearing them, you will feel the power of nature and its distinctive charm.
We are committed to providing high quality natural mother of pearl earrings so that every woman can have a unique piece of jewelry. Whether for yourself or for a friend or family member, these earrings are a precious gift that holds love and good wishes.
Choose natural mother-of-pearl earrings that allow you to show your unique personality and taste. Let the wonders of nature shine brightly with you as you wear them in your ears. Let these earrings become an integral part of your jewelry collection, forever exuding a pure and enchanting charm.

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