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Lapis Earrings E0967

Lapis Earrings E0967

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Height about 24mm, Width about 12mm
Pearls Size : Approx. 5.5mm
Lapis lazuli Size : Approx. 5mm

Metal: S925 Silver Plated With 18K Gold
Gemstone: Natural Pearls / Lapis lazuli

These sterling silver lapis lazuli pearl earrings are a beautiful piece of jewelry that combines high quality sterling silver with lapis lazuli and pearls in an elegant and classy style.
Lapis lazuli is a deep and mysterious stone, and its blue hue complements the sparkle of sterling silver, adding a sense of mystery to the entire earring. The pearls, on the other hand, bring a soft, elegant touch to these earrings, making them even more gentle.
Whether you wear them with professional or casual attire, these sterling silver lapis lazuli pearl earrings will fit perfectly into your overall look, adding a touch of class and grandeur to your outfit. It is also a great gift for a female friend, wife or mother to express your love and care for them.

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