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Sterling Silver Layered Earrings

Sterling Silver Layered Earrings

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Height about 30mm, Width about 15mm

Metal: S925 Silver Plated With 18K Gold

The gold color shines as if the bright stars have fallen into the mortal world, and each oval shines uniquely, as if speaking of endless splendor and nobility. Worn on your ears, they are sure to highlight your unique temperament and make you stand out from the crowd and become the center of attention.
These sterling silver temperament earrings are not just a piece of jewelry, but also a reflection of attitude. Its exquisite design and high quality materials show the care and craftsmanship of the maker. Each oval design is carefully carved to reflect magnificence and nobility.
Wearing these earrings will not only enhance your overall temperament, but also make you more confident and elegant. Whether you wear them with daily casual wear or formal dresses, you can show your distinctive taste and style. These earrings will become the treasures in your jewelry box, adding infinite highlights to your life.

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