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Unique Art Deco Style Striped Earrings

Unique Art Deco Style Striped Earrings

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Height about 21mm, width about 21mm

Metal: S925 Silver Plated With 18K Gold

These minimalist French style earrings are a beautiful piece of jewelry. It features a simple and stylish design that incorporates elements of French elegance for a pure European aesthetic. These earrings are made of high quality metals and gemstones with a high glossy finish and a comfortable feel that will not cause allergies or skin irritation. With their clean shape and smooth lines, these earrings can easily be worn with a variety of clothes and accessories, allowing you to show off your elegance and sense of style for any occasion. In addition, the earrings are also very lightweight and comfortable to wear without weighing you down. All in all, the Minimal French Style Earrings are a very worthy fashion jewelry accessory that will bring you endless beauty and joy and make you the center of attention in the fashion world.

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