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Red Agate Ring J0231

Red Agate Ring J0231

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Open ring, Fine Adjustment For Size
Agate Size : Approx. 3.5mm

Metal: S925 Silver 
Gemstone: Agate

In these ever-changing times, we are always eager to find a way to express our uniqueness. This ring is inspired by the classical totem elements of Rome, embellished with warm sunny tones of onyx, and the coldness of metal, blending them together to create a mesmerizing piece of jewelry. It's more than just a ring, it's a symbol of confidence, a mesmerizing beauty.
The Roman civilization was one of the most influential civilizations in ancient history, and its classical elements have long been regarded as timeless symbols. Drawing inspiration from classical Roman totems, this ring is based on a mysterious and ancient culture, displaying a charm steeped in history. The totem elements on the ring are like a time tunnel, transporting you back to the splendor of the ancient Roman era.
Agate is a mesmerizing gemstone with a warm sunny tone in colors ranging from deep red to brown. This ring is embellished with agate, giving it a serene and warm beauty. Each agate is a masterpiece of nature, radiating a mysterious power that represents confidence and determination.
While metal represents toughness and calmness, the metal portion of this ring is accented by the warmth of onyx. This skillful balance between coolness and warmth makes the whole design more unique and eye-catching. The coolness of the metal and the warmth of the onyx reflect each other, just like the opposites and harmonies in life.
This ring is not only mesmerizing, it also adds confidence. When you wear it, you will feel determined within, as if Rome has passed on its courageous spirit to you. It is a symbol of confidence, a piece of jewelry that reminds you to always believe in your own strength and worth.

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