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Rice Grain Small Pearl Necklace D0265

Rice Grain Small Pearl Necklace D0265

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Necklace length can be adjusted.
Necklace length is about 35 cm + extension chain 5 cm.
Pearls Size : Approx. 4mm

Metal: S925 Silver Plated With 18K Gold
Gemstone: Natural Pearls 

A delicate and charming necklace with small, rice-grain pearls that exude elegance and romantic ambiance. Each pearl is like a tiny gemstone, adding a touch of sparkle to your neck.
This necklace is strung with delicate small pearls, each of which presents a round and smooth appearance. The rice-like design of the pearls adds to its chic and appealing appearance. Whether worn alone or paired with other accessories, it adds a touch of sophistication and brilliance to your outfit.
The luster and texture of the small pearls are intoxicating, giving them a gentle and soft feel. Whether it's for everyday wear or a special occasion, this necklace will be the highlight of your look. It is light and comfortable, allowing you to show elegance and confidence at all times.
The small rice grain pearl necklace is perfect for all styles of outfits, whether they are simple or gorgeous. It can be the finishing touch to your everyday casual wear or the perfect accessory to your formal dress. Whether for work or socializing, this necklace will allow you to exude glamour and charm.
Pearls symbolize purity and luck in many cultures and are considered a symbol of good fortune. Wear this small pearl necklace not only for beauty, but also to feel the peace and balance that pearls bring. It allows you to feel inner peace and confidence and becomes your lucky amulet.
A small rice grain pearl necklace is a precious gift that expresses deep blessings and care, whether for yourself or for others. It is an eternal jewelry that can accompany you through every beautiful moment. Choose a small rice grain pearl necklace and let it become a symbol of your elegance and romance.

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