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Pearl Bracelet SL0069

Pearl Bracelet SL0069

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Bracelet length approx. 19cm, non-adjustable 
Pearls Size : Approx. 5mm
Silver Pearl  Size :  Approx. 3mm
Beads  Size :  Approx. 3mm

Metal: S925 Silver Plated With 18K Gold
Gemstone: Natural Pearls /  Beads /   Silver Pearl

Pearl bracelet, shining with constant charm, it is the eternal love of women. Each pearl is the crystallization of the sea, with unique luster and warm texture. Whether you are attending an important occasion or wearing everyday clothes, pearl bracelets can add a touch of elegance and nobility to you.
This pearl bracelet is made from the finest natural pearls, and through exquisite craftsmanship, it is presented to you with meticulous lines and exquisite design. Each pearl is strictly screened to ensure its quality and purity. The delicate luster exudes endless charm, lighting up your wrist with a piece of brightness.
The design of the pearl bracelet is simple but not too delicate, suitable for all styles. Whether it's an elegant dinner party or a casual date, it blends perfectly with your outfit. Whether you are a working woman or a student, this bracelet can show your sensibility and charm and become your fashion icon.
Pearl bracelets are not only beautiful, but also have connotation. Pearls symbolize purity and wisdom, they are precipitated in the depths of the sea, through the years, showing the resilience and strength of life. Wearing this bracelet, you can always remind yourself to keep your inner purity and wisdom, hold fast to your beliefs and face the challenges of life.
A pearl bracelet is also a precious gift for your mother, sister or a beloved one to express your deep love and affection for them. Each pearl symbolizes the precious memories and deep emotions between you, blending love and beauty to last forever.
Choose the pearl bracelet, choose the eternal classic. It will accompany you through countless beautiful moments and record every precious moment of your life. Whether you are shining at a wedding or showing your confidence at work, pearl bracelets will be the source of your charm, allowing you to confidently show your most beautiful self.
Having a pearl bracelet, you have a dignity and elegance. It is an indispensable jewelry for women, showing your distinctive taste to the fullest. Choose a pearl bracelet to show your unique charm and make you the center of attention.
Whether you are a pearl-loving collector or looking for a special gift for yourself or someone else, this pearl bracelet is for you. It is not only an exquisite piece of jewelry, but also a beautiful memory and touch. Choose a pearl bracelet to bring beauty and taste into every aspect of your life, and make your every day full of luster and charm.

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