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Sterling Silver Mother Of Pearl Bracelets-SL0081

Sterling Silver Mother Of Pearl Bracelets-SL0081

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Bracelet length 24cm, adjustable length
Pearls Size : Approx. 5mm
Silky Shell Size : Approx. 4mm

Metal: S925 Silver Plated With 18K Gold
Gemstone: Natural Pearls /  Silky Shell

The Sterling Silver Shellfish Bracelet is a vintage inspired bracelet with lava fluid design elements. The bracelet is set with delicate white butterfly shells, which give the bracelet a dazzling sparkle. The irregular texture makes the bracelet even more unique, allowing the wearer to feel the magic of nature.
The Mother-of-pearl Lava Fluid Design Series bracelet is an artful piece of fashion jewelry. Inspired by lava fluid, the designer creates irregular texture changes in the bracelet, which makes the bracelet present a flowing beauty. The white butterfly shell inlaid in the bracelet adds a touch of elegance and nobility.
The sterling silver mother-of-pearl bracelet combines vintage style with modern design concepts to form a unique fashion style. The vintage elements of the bracelet make it more nostalgic and classic, while the lava fluid design adds a modern and stylish touch. This design gives the bracelet an air of timelessness, while showing off an edgy and fashionable look.
The white butterfly shells in the bracelet add color to the design. The warm luster of the white butterfly shell makes the bracelet more dazzling. The irregular texture of the white butterfly shells makes each one of them unique, adding character and uniqueness to the bracelet.
The natural mother-of-pearl lava fluid design series model of the bracelet is not only a piece of fashion jewelry, but also a work of art experience. The bracelet combines vintage style, lava fluid design and the luster of white butterfly shells, showing the unique vision and creativity of the designer. Wearing such a bracelet makes one feel the perfect blend of art and fashion.
To summarize, the Sterling Silver Mother of Pearl Bracelet from the Natural Mother of Pearl Lava Fluid Design Collection features a vintage style with lava fluid design elements and beautifully set white butterfly shells for a dazzling display. The irregular texture of the bracelet adds a unique touch, while the luster of the white butterfly shells adds elegance and class. This bracelet is timeless, yet edgy and fashionable. Let's wear this sterling silver mother-of-pearl bracelet and feel the charm of the natural mother-of-pearl lava fluid design, showing confidence and nobility. Let's feel the magic of nature in the wonderful glow of the bracelet and savor the perfect combination of art and fashion together.

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