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Sterling Silver Snake Bone Bracelet SL0116

Sterling Silver Snake Bone Bracelet SL0116

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Bracelet length about 16.5cm + 4cm extension chain.  
Tiger's Eye Size : Approx. 6mm
Bracelet size can be adjusted

Metal: S925 Silver Plated With 18K Gold
Gemstone: Tiger's Eye

This Sterling Silver Snake Bone Bracelet exudes a unique charm with its distinctive design and material, as well as the tiger's eye stone embellishment. The snake bone design adds to the unique flavor of the bracelet. The snake bone pattern is clear, as if a dynamic snake hovering on the wrist, giving a mysterious and elegant feeling. The tiger's eye stone embellished in the middle is the finishing touch, with the stone showing a unique luster and color that shines brightly in the light.
The design of this bracelet is simple but not too delicate. The curved lines of the snake bone contrast with the roundness of the tiger's eye stone, highlighting the unique beauty of the tiger's eye stone without losing the overall coordination of the bracelet. The end of the bracelet is designed with exquisite ornamentation, adding to the overall beauty and sense of hierarchy. The overall design is both modern and classical, suitable for all occasions.

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