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Lapis Lazuli Necklace YD0062

Lapis Lazuli Necklace YD0062

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Necklace length can be adjusted.
Ncklace length is about 40 cm + extension chain 6 cm.
Lapis lazuli Size : Approx. 5mm

Metal: S925 Silver Plated With 18K Gold
Gemstone: Lapis lazuli 

Natural Lapis Lazuli Pendant Necklace is a gemstone jewelry gem. Lapis Lazuli, is loved for its beautiful blue-green color. It is a natural gemstone whose deep color and unique veining make it a gem in the jewelry world.
Natural Lapis Lazuli pendant necklaces are cleverly designed with the gemstone set in the necklace, allowing the lapis lazuli to shine brightly around the neck. Lapis lazuli comes in different variations of colors such as dark blue, sky blue, greenish blue, etc. Each gemstone is unique and exudes the mystery and charm of the gemstone.
Lapis lazuli, more than just a beautiful gemstone, holds deep cultural significance. In ancient Egyptian civilization, lapis lazuli was regarded as an amulet and was believed to bring good luck and peace. In Eastern cultures, Lapis Lazuli is also given to symbolize wisdom, calmness and fortitude.
Making a natural lapis lazuli pendant necklace requires exquisite craftsmanship. First, high quality lapis lazuli gemstones are selected to ensure the beauty of their color and veins. Then, the gemstones are secured to the necklace using a fine setting process to ensure that they are not easily dislodged. Finally, the necklace is attached to the pendant to harmonize the design of the whole necklace.
Natural lapis lazuli pendant necklaces are available in a variety of design styles, from simple single-stone styles to complex multi-stone layered styles. Whether paired with everyday casual wear or formal dresses, they add class and elegance to a woman's look.
However, in order to maintain the luster and beauty of natural lapis lazuli pendant necklaces, we need to take proper care of them. Regularly wipe the gemstone and necklace with a soft cloth and avoid contact with cosmetics, perfumes and other chemicals. Also, it should not be exposed to sunlight for a long time so as not to affect the color of the gemstone.
Overall, natural lapis lazuli pendant necklace is a jewelry design that combines beauty and cultural significance. It is a gem in the jewelry world and carries a deep cultural heritage. Let's appreciate this unique jewelry design and let it accompany us through every moment of our life, exuding the mystery and charm of the gemstone.

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